Monday, October 24, 2011

Macarons au Chocolat et Fraise

The strawberry macaroons were my first attempt, I got the recipe from Gifts From The kitchen by Annie Rigg. The batter was so liquid that even though I had traced circles onto the greaseproof so as to get them all identical, they ended up running and being much to thin and were therefore brittle. Insistent I could do it, I searched our baking books for another recipe and I found one in Mes Desserts au Chocolat by Pierre Herme. The ingredients and quantities were very similar but the outcome was so different! So although neither ended up looking perfect, they tasted yum, as Dad said after he had eaten the whole bowl. The only tip I can give is to respect the guideline of leaving them to rest for 30minutes before cooking to as to get the 'crust' on the side. 
Better luck next time!

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