Sunday, October 16, 2011

Caramel Cups

I bought a chocolate mould from E.Dehillerin, a specialist cookery shop in Les Halles Paris and it’s taken me two years to finally use it! I tempered some dark chocolate then brushed it into the polished moulds so as to avoid air pockets then I filled the cases with chocolate. At this point it is crucial to flip the mould over and tap firmly and evenly all over so as to obtain a thin shell and leave to set.
This is when I made the caramel from condensed milk. Once filled 1mm from the top, pour on the rest of the chocolate then scrape off straightaway. You want the mould to be as clean as possible so that the chocolates will drop out willingly once ready.


  1. daisy i can't believe you made those! they look AMAZING, yum yum yum in mums tum. nice one tiny bum xx

  2. daisy i'm gobsmacked, they couldn't look better. you are marvellous. yum yum in mums tum. DELICIOUSO. more vegan creations now please.